March 19, 2012

First Time

Oh my baby blogger, how I miss you a lot!

It's been a while, like a very long time I never visit you blog!

I've got so many things to share & to tell but as I said before my happiness could not describe in verse of words. I just don't know how to share.

" We both used to have that one special person that cheated on us and for that we never think about our love destiny. Perhaps this is the way to say our love without saying it or looked into each other's eye. Maybe I do like you. Or maybe this is just a temporary feeling . Although you never know that but I've started to fall for you. Maybe I do love you. I'll be waiting for you without tired or bored. I'm sorry but I love you. I'm sorry if I miss you. Even if I can't have you, you know that I'll always be there for you. If we are not meant for each other that's okay with me as long as you are happy. Just let me love you without anyone notice that. Perhaps, this was the way of my destiny being admired without loved. All I wanted was for you to know that I'm here standing strong by my own feet waiting for you. Although I have to wait for you for the rest of my life. Let me hug you for this one last time to say goodbye forever just let me feel the happiness for the rest of my life even it's just for a second. "

You <3

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