July 18, 2012

New Look, Might Be?

It has been a very long time I never opened or update my entries.
It's not like I don't have story. I do, I have plenty of stories but am just too lazy nowadays.
Well, I've started my college life so as usual busy with classes, studies and assignments.

What's with the new look?
Actually, I didn't plan at all to wear scarf (tudung).
In Kedah only during CTU classes I will wear scarf but I day by day I feel happy and get used to wear it.
I'm looking forward to wear it at all times Insyallah if God wills it.
I've got some pictures where I took during my classes :)

April 3, 2012

One Nine

Err ... One ... Nine ... ?

Yeap! On March 30th 2012, I turn 19 year-old! Well I'm the Princess hehehe :D
I've got so much to talk about as usual la kan. I really love to talk non-stop. Whatever!

So, this year was so blessed and meaningful year to me. Reasons:

-Saya sudah 19
-Saya sudah dewasa (almost)
-Saya dapat banyak-banyak kawan
-Saya celebrate birthday dengan kawan-kawan
-Saya celebrate birthday dekat luar Kuala Lumpur (Kedah)
-Saya celebrate cara orang dah masuk college (-.-)
-Saya sangat sedih kerana gembira, terharu & I also don't know why >.<

So, hmm how to start eh? I'll start from the very first thing how they start this whole plan :) They're so sweet!

Thursday 29/03/2012

-Start dari awal around tengah hari kot something like that I can't remember pergi la hantar my whole stuffs dekat rumah nenek located at Jalan Sulatanah since dah nak habis Second Semester kan. Mieyra datang ambil dekat Hostel and pergi hantar dekat rumah nenek. Then pergi City Plaza dengan dia at the first place dia nak cari ink for her computer but we ended up shopping kekeke :D Then jalan-jalan merata la nak cari my baju to wear on the 30th. Then saya merajuk dengan Jas,Sheera & Shifa sebab diorg tak nak bagi saya follow =( Jahat! The reason why? Sebabnya mereka sedang mencari hadiah! SO SWEET! Mieyra pun bawa la jalan-jalan sampai pukul 10 something then pergi rumah sewa.

-Next stop around 11 kiteorg semua keluar makan dekat Sala Classic. Banyak-banyak kedai diorg pilih kedai dekat ulu dalam gila! Jauh okay! Sebab utama nak make sure plan berjalan dengan lancar! COMEL! Waiter order makanan so tunggu punya tunggu tadaa plan pun start. Jasmira, tipu cakap phone dia tertinggal dekat rumah and she has to go back sebab nanti boyfie dia call! So tinggal saya dengan Shifa and others dekat tu.

-Then dah berabad tunggu Jasmira & Sheera tak datang balik hati saya tak sedap. Call punya call diorg cakap pergi toilet la macam2 alasan. Saya paksa Shifa balik sebab dah lewat but she ignored me >.< sampai hati! Suddenly, phone Wan Khalis bunyi and then dia cakap ada geng kita kena kacau! AKU CUAK GILA! I want to go home but they ignore me AGAIN! Pergi menara sebab Sheera & Jasmira ada dekat sana!

-Sampai menara both of them pergh superb gila! Berlakon menangis and konon2 takut ada orang kacau ikut semua la! Aku kan baik peluk la diorg dua but dekat belakang diorg gelak cis kurang hasam! Dah tu ehsan dengan ammar sampai all the college friends la.Aku marah la diorg sebab datang lambat semua kena marah dengan aku! Risau la if anything happened dekat both of them kan -.-

-Tadaaa hampir-hampir! Abang ngah panggil saya " kecik mai sini sat" versi Kedah cakap! Aku kan penakut and cuak sikit sebab muka dia serious dah nak nangis dah masa tu. Pergi la dekat dengan Abang ngah tup2 ada orang ketuk kepala saya dari belakang! F*ck men! Faris Izzat baling telur! Then semua serang saya =( Jahat gila! Aku nak balas balik semua lari memang lawak and sweet and comel je perangai masing2! Then semua balik rumah sebab nak bersihkan badan.

Friday 30/03/2012

-Yeay! Hari saya! My day! =) Diorg celebrate my Sweet 19 at Pizza Hut, Alor Star! Terharu gila semua datang :) Then makan, gelak and most important thing on that day juga each of them being so freaking adorable, sweet, nice and supporting gila! Seriously! Saya ambil kesempatan buli sorang2 hehehe semalam diorg buli aku gila2 :D Sorry guys! Hehe After makan pizza, makan cake then as usual picture wajib diambil. Then pergi karaoke dengan mereka ah so sweet! Seriously they're so nice :( MISS THEM ALL! Pictures tak de dekat saya unfortunately but dekat Shifa Johari banyak soon saya akan upload kenangan okay!


March 19, 2012

First Time

Oh my baby blogger, how I miss you a lot!

It's been a while, like a very long time I never visit you blog!

I've got so many things to share & to tell but as I said before my happiness could not describe in verse of words. I just don't know how to share.

" We both used to have that one special person that cheated on us and for that we never think about our love destiny. Perhaps this is the way to say our love without saying it or looked into each other's eye. Maybe I do like you. Or maybe this is just a temporary feeling . Although you never know that but I've started to fall for you. Maybe I do love you. I'll be waiting for you without tired or bored. I'm sorry but I love you. I'm sorry if I miss you. Even if I can't have you, you know that I'll always be there for you. If we are not meant for each other that's okay with me as long as you are happy. Just let me love you without anyone notice that. Perhaps, this was the way of my destiny being admired without loved. All I wanted was for you to know that I'm here standing strong by my own feet waiting for you. Although I have to wait for you for the rest of my life. Let me hug you for this one last time to say goodbye forever just let me feel the happiness for the rest of my life even it's just for a second. "

You <3

March 2, 2012


I felt so blessed I got to meet with them. They lightened up my day with laughter, sadness and madness. Who are they? Actually, Zu was Sheera's pet bro (adik angkat) and he wasn't in any of these pictures because he was in PLKN biasa la budak lepasan SPM hehe :) So those boys were Zu's friends and Hadi was Shifa's pet bro (adik angkat) too and he's Zu's BFF see how complicated how we met kan? So, one day we all went to Dataran and talk and talk but well, me at first seriously didn't even talked with any of them not because I'm sombong okay SAYA PEMALU :) So I just sit there keep my mouth shut even in real life I'm a very loud person but who cares. After day by day, yeay! Finally, I can totally get into this crowd. They were really fun, caring, loving and all kind of attitude la. They were such an adorable brothers (adik). To, Abang long, Abang ngah, Man, Hadi, Pakya, Pait & Jat thanks for being so nice to me and the rest of us. I will surely be missing you all there. I was so happy and so touched with all of your good deeds. Thanks a lot for everything. Load of love Thiya(Dora+Kecik)

Faris Izzat(jat)

Wan Ahmad Khalis (pakya)

Classmates, Best Friends & Girlfriends

Wan Khalis & Muhammad Faiez(pait)

College Friends

*note to Wan Khalis, get well soon! Insyallah, once I'm back in Kedah I will visit you. Nak baju hardrock you got to recover soon!

January 26, 2012

Happy Newlywed

CONGRATULATIONS! Ayen & Ana! Live a good life! Ayen, we're so happy for you! Remember, be a good husband, father in future, son, brother, grandson! Oh and make a lot of babies yeah hihihi =D

Alhamdulillah the two of them selamat akad nikah =)

Sweet Couple!
With the Newlywed!

Beloved Brother

The best of the best

The Classmates, Besties, Girlfriends





I want to be the next Princess =)