December 12, 2011

Someone Like You

Finally, like seriously I've already watched Ombak Rindu :) he he he I know very kemaruk one with Ombak Rindu.
One day before going out with college friends to watch Ombak Rindu, saya sudah habis kan buku ombak rindu :D
See how kemaruk nya I am with that movie. Actually, I'm not into this kind of Malay Movies but because of Lisa Surihani and Aaron Aziz seriously sanggup habis beriban =) I had a lot of fun last Friday!

Okay back to that "Someone Like You" topic. Actually they got nothing to do with boys or whatsoever.
Dude, bosan la asyik talking about boys. It is actually about the very best girl friend of mine, Mieyra Alfaz!

So, at first me and Mieyra not that close seriously. So we started hanging out like others did until second semester only we were like a very best friend seriously. Everywhere we go we always together. Unfortunately, for this second semester, we're not in the same class. So freaking bored okay.

I thought I wouldn't found anyone here exactly like my high school friends but again I was wrong. I did, I did found exactly like them but here is a bit more and huge different because sini campur and I've gained a lot of boys friend than I have in Kuala Lumpur.

That "Someone Like You", Mieyra seriously the only girl that I'm suitable to be with because she's just like me free hair, same age, share stories and many sort of things together. It's not I'm not suitable to be with other friends just that sometimes I felt like a very small person hehehe because quarter of the wearing tudung and very segan nak rapat. Sometimes I do feel like " alaa tak de siapa nak kawan because I'm a free hair student" but again and again I was wrong hehehe kena pandai sesuai kan diri :)

p/s: Can't wait for this coming Mid-Semester Break! My "someone like you" is coming down to Kuala Lumpur :)

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