December 7, 2011


Hey,bloggers or readers? Hehehe

I've missed or you guys have missed a lot from me. *cewah macam ada orang baca je blog aku ni whatever.

Too many things I want to share due to several technical I've to stop blogging for a moment. But now here I am to share a little few stories what has happened and where I've been to for last two weeks? See how long time I've to stopped blogging.

So,last two weeks I've been to Pulau Pinang ( Penang) for some ceramah kot. Jelajah Francais 1 Malaysia. I, myself don't even know motive behind the ceramah thingy. Hehehe but it's a good thing because I at least for the first time got the chance to go somewhere far with the other friends. I've never been to any other places under school or even college before this because I'm not allowed to hehehe *anak mummy biasa la :D

I've got nothing else to story about that ceramah so I will only share some pictures =)


Rahimah said...

i baca ;)jgn ingat xda org baca yr blog oke :D

Thiya Ahmad said...

Hahahahhaa Immah! Omg malu nya :D