December 29, 2011

It Comes To An End

Hye readers & bloggers! How are you guys out there? Been good?

Well,everyone knows that 2011 will end so soon and as for that I want to share my sweet bitter life throughout these year :)

2011 [] genab aku hidup for 18 years and for that Alhamdulillah!

2011 [] I get my SPM Result!

2011 [] I get into university oh dear Kedah why la you take me from my family but it's okay I love staying there :)

2011 [] I met new friends, surroundings, crowd, human beings and lots from it.

2011 [] I met him : miims =) but jodoh tak menyebelahi kami? hakhakhak :D

2011 [] He remarried -.- what a life. Saya terima dengan hati yang sangat terbuka :)

2011 [] I got so sick that lead for 50% chances of leukemia =(

2011 [] I now can tell mana kawan mana lawan =)

Too many things to list as what had happened let's just keep it as my sweet bitter memories :) Thanks for making my life as sweet as sugar Allah! 2011 I will surely missed you a lot so sad :'(
Live a good life peeps =)

Salam Perantauan from Wan Rosan & Kids! Goodbye 2011 & Hello 2012

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Rahimah said...

happy new year 2012 ! ;)