December 7, 2011


God has a bigger plan for me and that's why you were sent to me and deep inside He knew what's the best for me and that's why He gave me all sort of diseases because I'm strong enough to face His challenge.

After came back from Penang, I got sudden attack from asthma. The next morning, I went to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Kedah with one of the fellow warden also one of the lecturer in my college, Miss Dina. She is a very nice and kind person. She waited for me for hours in the Emergency Room while waiting for my mother and relatives to come.

I actually thought it was only an asthma attack but the doctor asked me to do X-ray because she wanted to see my lungs. So yeah I went with Miss Dina and from there they found bacteria in my lungs. I've got problem here so they stopped me from going back and I've to rest in the Emergency Room for 12 Hours. Imagine how sucks it was because I've to run some blood test few times. I seriously hate that part. Then, they decided not to let me go back home. So I've to stayed there for a week.

They sent me to the first class ward at level 7. So my cousins were there too and same goes to Miss Dina. And yeah at 11.00 pm my family came. Mummy sleep at the Hospital with me for 3 days and then she got to go back to Kuala Lumpur got some work done to complete. And also due to the doctor, I have to stay there for 45 Days because I need to take the injection for Antibiotic until the bacteria gone. Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful God make t shorter He knew I was in so much pain if I've to stay there for 45 Days. Thank you God.

Here, I want to thanked all of my friends from KptmAs and Cbners for your support and advice. And not to forget the Lecturers too. Thank you! And I'm so pleased I met friends from KptmAs like you guys. You guys never tired of coming over and look up for me. Never tired whenever I say I'm giving up and all. And special thanks to Nazzatul Alia for keep accompany me for one night at the Hospital. You're the real pet sister and bestfriend of mine! Thanks babe! Thanks so much all. Mummy thank you for coming back to Kedah to look up for your only Princess hehehe :D

Dear Mummy,Siblings,Relatives and Friends, I'm sorry if I ever troubled you guys ever since I was in the Hospital. If only I could repay your good deeds but I couldn't as for now I can only thanked you guys.

La Familia, OM 1D, OM 2D & College Friends THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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