December 29, 2011

It Comes To An End

Hye readers & bloggers! How are you guys out there? Been good?

Well,everyone knows that 2011 will end so soon and as for that I want to share my sweet bitter life throughout these year :)

2011 [] genab aku hidup for 18 years and for that Alhamdulillah!

2011 [] I get my SPM Result!

2011 [] I get into university oh dear Kedah why la you take me from my family but it's okay I love staying there :)

2011 [] I met new friends, surroundings, crowd, human beings and lots from it.

2011 [] I met him : miims =) but jodoh tak menyebelahi kami? hakhakhak :D

2011 [] He remarried -.- what a life. Saya terima dengan hati yang sangat terbuka :)

2011 [] I got so sick that lead for 50% chances of leukemia =(

2011 [] I now can tell mana kawan mana lawan =)

Too many things to list as what had happened let's just keep it as my sweet bitter memories :) Thanks for making my life as sweet as sugar Allah! 2011 I will surely missed you a lot so sad :'(
Live a good life peeps =)

Salam Perantauan from Wan Rosan & Kids! Goodbye 2011 & Hello 2012

December 12, 2011

Someone Like You

Finally, like seriously I've already watched Ombak Rindu :) he he he I know very kemaruk one with Ombak Rindu.
One day before going out with college friends to watch Ombak Rindu, saya sudah habis kan buku ombak rindu :D
See how kemaruk nya I am with that movie. Actually, I'm not into this kind of Malay Movies but because of Lisa Surihani and Aaron Aziz seriously sanggup habis beriban =) I had a lot of fun last Friday!

Okay back to that "Someone Like You" topic. Actually they got nothing to do with boys or whatsoever.
Dude, bosan la asyik talking about boys. It is actually about the very best girl friend of mine, Mieyra Alfaz!

So, at first me and Mieyra not that close seriously. So we started hanging out like others did until second semester only we were like a very best friend seriously. Everywhere we go we always together. Unfortunately, for this second semester, we're not in the same class. So freaking bored okay.

I thought I wouldn't found anyone here exactly like my high school friends but again I was wrong. I did, I did found exactly like them but here is a bit more and huge different because sini campur and I've gained a lot of boys friend than I have in Kuala Lumpur.

That "Someone Like You", Mieyra seriously the only girl that I'm suitable to be with because she's just like me free hair, same age, share stories and many sort of things together. It's not I'm not suitable to be with other friends just that sometimes I felt like a very small person hehehe because quarter of the wearing tudung and very segan nak rapat. Sometimes I do feel like " alaa tak de siapa nak kawan because I'm a free hair student" but again and again I was wrong hehehe kena pandai sesuai kan diri :)

p/s: Can't wait for this coming Mid-Semester Break! My "someone like you" is coming down to Kuala Lumpur :)

December 7, 2011


God has a bigger plan for me and that's why you were sent to me and deep inside He knew what's the best for me and that's why He gave me all sort of diseases because I'm strong enough to face His challenge.

After came back from Penang, I got sudden attack from asthma. The next morning, I went to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Kedah with one of the fellow warden also one of the lecturer in my college, Miss Dina. She is a very nice and kind person. She waited for me for hours in the Emergency Room while waiting for my mother and relatives to come.

I actually thought it was only an asthma attack but the doctor asked me to do X-ray because she wanted to see my lungs. So yeah I went with Miss Dina and from there they found bacteria in my lungs. I've got problem here so they stopped me from going back and I've to rest in the Emergency Room for 12 Hours. Imagine how sucks it was because I've to run some blood test few times. I seriously hate that part. Then, they decided not to let me go back home. So I've to stayed there for a week.

They sent me to the first class ward at level 7. So my cousins were there too and same goes to Miss Dina. And yeah at 11.00 pm my family came. Mummy sleep at the Hospital with me for 3 days and then she got to go back to Kuala Lumpur got some work done to complete. And also due to the doctor, I have to stay there for 45 Days because I need to take the injection for Antibiotic until the bacteria gone. Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful God make t shorter He knew I was in so much pain if I've to stay there for 45 Days. Thank you God.

Here, I want to thanked all of my friends from KptmAs and Cbners for your support and advice. And not to forget the Lecturers too. Thank you! And I'm so pleased I met friends from KptmAs like you guys. You guys never tired of coming over and look up for me. Never tired whenever I say I'm giving up and all. And special thanks to Nazzatul Alia for keep accompany me for one night at the Hospital. You're the real pet sister and bestfriend of mine! Thanks babe! Thanks so much all. Mummy thank you for coming back to Kedah to look up for your only Princess hehehe :D

Dear Mummy,Siblings,Relatives and Friends, I'm sorry if I ever troubled you guys ever since I was in the Hospital. If only I could repay your good deeds but I couldn't as for now I can only thanked you guys.

La Familia, OM 1D, OM 2D & College Friends THANK YOU SO MUCH!

For More Info/Pictures click here [ Thanks Wandi :) ]


Hey,bloggers or readers? Hehehe

I've missed or you guys have missed a lot from me. *cewah macam ada orang baca je blog aku ni whatever.

Too many things I want to share due to several technical I've to stop blogging for a moment. But now here I am to share a little few stories what has happened and where I've been to for last two weeks? See how long time I've to stopped blogging.

So,last two weeks I've been to Pulau Pinang ( Penang) for some ceramah kot. Jelajah Francais 1 Malaysia. I, myself don't even know motive behind the ceramah thingy. Hehehe but it's a good thing because I at least for the first time got the chance to go somewhere far with the other friends. I've never been to any other places under school or even college before this because I'm not allowed to hehehe *anak mummy biasa la :D

I've got nothing else to story about that ceramah so I will only share some pictures =)