November 18, 2011

Tell Me Goodbye


Hehehehe baru tahu what sadis is excited want to use them :D

Okay, actually I want to talk about him.

Someone that makes me feel happy
Someone that makes me feel alive
Someone that makes me feel the love
Someone who taught me about life
Someone who taught me a lot about guys

And now, that someone has already left me for real. Firstly, I want to say I'm sorry because I screwed up everything. Second, I'm sorry I've troubled you so far. Third, I'm sorry because I lied to you. Fourth, I'm sorry I said those harsh words. Fifth, I'm sorry I've deleted you from my friend list on Facebook. Sixth, I'm sorry I've deleted your number from my contact list. I've got my own reason I did all that. I'm just so sorry for everything. And you've promised me a lot of things back then but none of them you can keep anymore and for that I'm sorry for staying and trusting you. I also got my own reason for doing all this but there'd be no use telling you about it because you never understand. You want people to understand you but why won't you do the same thing? You've promised me not going to messed things up but you did. If you hate me that much go on spilled it out but just do hurt my loved ones (friends) that's not fair for them. And I know that when I aksed you " Did you hate me" and you replied "No, I'm just mad at you!" You want to know what, I don't thin so you're mad. Why can't you tell the truth? Was it so hard to tell the truth? I'm begging you to please tell the truth, please stop coming into my dreams you've been the biggest nightmare and I hate it, if you're leaving please take everything with you, your heart, your soul and you memories. If I could throw them and get them burn I will surely done that. You're just too precious for me to do that so please take it all away. Goodbye! Let's live a good life alright? :)

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