November 5, 2011

I Never Let Go

The moment you stood next to me, I liked the way your eyes looked at me. Though I cried yesterday and today because of you my day tomorrow will always be happy than ever. Neither his face or his style all I want was his tender love to forget all the time that has passed. I can now no longer do anything without you because I know nothing else but love. Even if I tried for days to forget you, to erase you, calmly, like a fool, an awkward greeting was all I could do. These awkward words are for you. My heart, my soul for you is my reason it is for you. I'll be missing you even for just one day, for one second. You've become so far from me nowadays. I'll never let you go cause I'm going to make a way. Don't leave me like everyone else did, stay and be in my arms forever. Why are you leaving me now? Tell me the reason after all you've done, you've said. You're the one who wants me to stay and now you're leaving me behind all alone. I just don't understand things and I don't understand you. What am I supposed to do? You appeared in my dreams all night and why were you torturing me like this? Will this be your last smile that protecting me all this while? If you're thinking of leaving me behind, please take you soul in my heart too. Don't be too selfish, I'm begging you! And even if another time comes, only you are my everything. All this while, it has always been you, my only one and only you make me smile.

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