November 1, 2011

Got Tagged

I got tagged from Nur Rasyidah Nor Hashim one of my classmates & best friend =)


1. Post this rules.
2. Write 11 things about yourself.
3. Answer the question the tagger set for you.
4. Create 11 new question for the people who you tagged to answer.
5. Choose 11 blogger to tag and link them on the post

  • I'm a very small person but I've got this temper that no one can tell by just looking at my height. Especially when I got my period -.-
  • I'm a very determined person. Well, if I want something I must get that no matter what.
  • I don't like to hear negative things about me (selfish,bossy and etc) Because I'm not. I know what I look like. I know myself. Even my own family keeps saying I'm like that I just ignore them because I'm not.
  • Dancing is my passion. God I love to dance. Why I love music because when music is on that way I got an inspiration and ideas to create a dance moved. I'm good at dancing and the only thing I'm good at.
  • I love Fashion thingy. I love to dress-up. I love clothes, make-ups, shoes (heels) because dress-up shows our characters look like. It makes me more confident than ever and it feels real good to dress-up.
  • I don't like to hear orders from people. It makes me want to get mad and hate someone because they keep ordering me all around.
  • I'm not sombong. Seriously no joke. Well, I don't really no other people and that's how I look like. My face -.-
  • I love to help other people but I'm just a small kid hehehe :D But if I can, I'll try to help them no matter what.
  • I can be sweet, romantic, loving, caring, kind but I can be real mean. Seriously only people very near and closed know how mean I can be.
  • I'm not an easy person. It's hard for me to love,like someone. Once I have my eyes on that person I'll always look up for him. And it's not easy for me to let go that one person. Appreciate that =)
  • I'm not good at pujuk people not that I'm ego I just can't bring myself to pujuk someone and I'm not that type of person who likes to pujuk others. The only and the best I can do is stop repeating my wrongs and ask for forgiveness. I'll try to changed.


1. Dalam berkawan, korang pilih rupa ke atau hati dorang?
I do admit that I used to choose rupa but nowadays human is very unpredictable so I will choose the heart.
2. Perangai buruk apa yang korang tak suka dalam seseorang tu?
Sarcastic human, Bossy people, Annoying species, Backstabbers & Stealer!

3. Kalau boy/girl korang ramai kawan perempuan/lelaki(berlawanan jenis), korang jealous tak? Apa tindakan korang? (kalau takda boy/girl, buat2 macam ada lah)
I've got this freaking problem. I admit I'm a jealous type but I don't really show my jealousy. The only action I took is by having some boys friend (kawan-kawan lelaki senang sikit). If you understand me you can tell that I'm jealous and tried to pay you my jealousy.

4. Kepada girls, korang suka tak pakai make-up? And kepada boys, korang suka tak perempuan make-up?
Absolutely yes. I really do love make-ups. I'm the Princess remember? Hehehehe :D

5. Ciri-ciri yang korang nak ada dalam bakal suami/isteri korang?
Hehehehe favorite question :)
Smart,Kacak bergaya,Same age as I am or one year older,Accept for who I am,Taller than me,I don't prefer a smoker but just don't smoke in front of me or my family,Not a drinker please,Can play guitar maybe,Romantic,Iman kuat so he can lead me,An honest husband,A loyal one,Protective at times,Loving and Caring husband,A husband that loves children,From a good family backgrounds,Respect my family members especially my mummy.That's all I guess pokoknya hehehe semua mesti yang baik-baik nak bawa jumpa mummy senang hehehehe =D

6. Pada usia berapakah korang rasa korang dah patut/akan berkahwin?
My all time favorite number 23 hihihi =D

7. Apa keistimewaan diri korang yang korang rasa orang lain tak mampu buat/tak ada?
My Instinct is very strong.

8. Apa cita-cita korang masa kecik2 dulu dan sekarang?
A lawyer up till now I want to be a lawyer still but God plan something bigger and better for me. I'm going to pursue for Charted Personal Assistant hehehe I've planned everything so far.

9, 10, : syid tak bagi soalan pun -.- skip!

11. Berapa lama masa yang korang ambil untuk jawab soalan nih semua and post entry nie?
One hour maybe? Hahahah didn't count at all.

9. Korang ada BF/GF tak? If ada, story laa sikit pasal diri BF/GF korang.
Hahahahahahaha BF tak main ah. Tunggu I kahwin nanti :D
10. Hobi yang paling tak senonoh korang selalu buat?
Kutuk orang hehehe
11. Kau suka kentut tak? Aku suka sebab lega perut aku baq hang..
Syid please stop it hahahahaha :D

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