November 18, 2011

Tell Me Goodbye


Hehehehe baru tahu what sadis is excited want to use them :D

Okay, actually I want to talk about him.

Someone that makes me feel happy
Someone that makes me feel alive
Someone that makes me feel the love
Someone who taught me about life
Someone who taught me a lot about guys

And now, that someone has already left me for real. Firstly, I want to say I'm sorry because I screwed up everything. Second, I'm sorry I've troubled you so far. Third, I'm sorry because I lied to you. Fourth, I'm sorry I said those harsh words. Fifth, I'm sorry I've deleted you from my friend list on Facebook. Sixth, I'm sorry I've deleted your number from my contact list. I've got my own reason I did all that. I'm just so sorry for everything. And you've promised me a lot of things back then but none of them you can keep anymore and for that I'm sorry for staying and trusting you. I also got my own reason for doing all this but there'd be no use telling you about it because you never understand. You want people to understand you but why won't you do the same thing? You've promised me not going to messed things up but you did. If you hate me that much go on spilled it out but just do hurt my loved ones (friends) that's not fair for them. And I know that when I aksed you " Did you hate me" and you replied "No, I'm just mad at you!" You want to know what, I don't thin so you're mad. Why can't you tell the truth? Was it so hard to tell the truth? I'm begging you to please tell the truth, please stop coming into my dreams you've been the biggest nightmare and I hate it, if you're leaving please take everything with you, your heart, your soul and you memories. If I could throw them and get them burn I will surely done that. You're just too precious for me to do that so please take it all away. Goodbye! Let's live a good life alright? :)

November 15, 2011

Here It Comes

Second Semester!

Am so excited for this coming semester. Everything is just going to be a brand new world hehehe :D

But at the same time I feel bad and sad too cause some of my friends will be leaving the college meaning they will not going to enter the second semester.

Atin, I'm going to miss you a lot. Looks like I have to learn to wear the tudung by my own :(

Bobboy, haih penat cakap! Make sure turun Kedah alright hehe miss you la weh siapa nak jadi best partner I dah entah :(

This is so sucks like I've lost everyone the most important people in my life :( I'm scared of what's going to happen in the future!

Tomorrow I'll be leaving this lovely hometown back to Kedah. Then might be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday why not Thursday itself, I'll be coming back to Kuala Lumpur for some personal reason. Then right after done everything on Monday, I'll fly to Kedah again. What a tiring life -.-

December will come in two or three weeks and that is so scary. But everyone is positive about it and hope I'll be positive too :)

If I come back earlier than everyone expected it to be means something just went wrong and If I come back a little late meaning it is a big success and I'm all free. Too many possibilities that I could not write it here.Be positive all we need :)

November 6, 2011

Summer D'rianz

Starting from May 29th till September 10th our friendship bond starts!

Jejaka kacak in OM 1D :D Meet Amierul he's a very nice friend anak Kedah loghat dia wuish memang tak kan pernah nak faham but after months I get used to it but only certain things I can understand -.- But after all being friends with orang Utara was fun actually because the way they talked like gila la boleh pecah kepala pecah perut!

Budak-budak Johor yang suka annoying kan orang! Meet Panjang (Irsyad) & Pendek (Ami) hehehe they were given that name maybe because of their heights I guess whatever but both ni memang makhluk annoying! Si Pendek okay lagi and he was the first guy kot in the class I've talked to and being friends with.Ami is a nice guy dia baik gila but sometimes sakit hati sebab suka buli aku -.- But dia okay lagi Si Panjang tu OMG! Macam nak kena belasah pun ada! Every second every minute tak sah kalau dia tak menjegkel kan aku! Up till now tak sempat lagi nak balas dendam asyik dia je menang tak pe one day tengok la I will balas balik naj juga jadi annoying kan hehehe :D

Budak bergaya,smart macho in OM 1D meet Leman :) known as Fahmie! Okay this dude first time konon diam malu-malu kucing but bila dah kenal wuish mamat ni bising ingat tak reti nak buka mulut. Maybe it was the first meeting kan like people said first impression kan penting eleh sudah la kau Leman! But he was fun and caring! Best gila kenal Leman macam abang :) Oh he was the second tallest in our class so orang ada juga panggil dia Tinggi memang tinggi la kau lama-lama!

Sweet kan? Sweet kan? Sweet kan? Jealous I you know hehehe My very favorite Girl & Boy in OM 1D meet Ketot and Bobboy :) Actually their actual name was Sheera and Syamim but bila dah lama kenal mula la nick name dapat. That shows how creative we can be sometimes! Sheero & Miemo pun nama diorg juga! See banyak betul nick name diorg dapat! Lain orang lain diorg panggil. Case Bobboy tu hehehe sorry Miem dah terbiasa :) Siapa suruh you buat lawak lagi kan dah lekat bobboy tu!

Kakak kerek and another budak Johor yang kerek in OM 1D meet Najib and Bobboy ah~ That pretty girl is Atikah she was given a nickname as Najib la Kak Long la hahaha lawak oh. Macam-macam perangai ada dalam class.Najib budak KL hehe bangga bangga but she's in Putrajaya and I'm in KL ah lantak la asal KL! Najib nampak brutal and ganas but memang pun hehe! But she was a very kind person! Kan Najib kan?
See how cool budak OM 1D can be :) Boy & Jas bila dah desperate sangat kerja tak siap or ada some part yang tak tahu jawapan this is what going to happen! Kantoi kantoi hehehe

Apa yang penting kerjasama! Hehehe getting ready for PD Class meet Bee & Dayah!

Budak Perlis, Budak Johor, Budak Kedah jejaka-jejaka kacak in OM 1D meet Wandi, Miemo & Leman

Them with Princess Dora hehehehe :D Of course la aku yang Princess in OM 1D kan! Right after Maths Test at Mergong!
La Familia :) Best Friends

Before CTU class started time ni nak pujuk Miemo yang tengah touching -.- Psycho hahaha
Again them with Princess Dora or known as Lisa Surihani hahaha :D Chill out at the Library Al-Kindi
From Kedah with Love! OM 1D full of friendship love that make us looks like a one happy family
Kanak-kanak riang! This is students of OM 1D Semester One aka Warga Summer D'rianz

November 5, 2011

I Never Let Go

The moment you stood next to me, I liked the way your eyes looked at me. Though I cried yesterday and today because of you my day tomorrow will always be happy than ever. Neither his face or his style all I want was his tender love to forget all the time that has passed. I can now no longer do anything without you because I know nothing else but love. Even if I tried for days to forget you, to erase you, calmly, like a fool, an awkward greeting was all I could do. These awkward words are for you. My heart, my soul for you is my reason it is for you. I'll be missing you even for just one day, for one second. You've become so far from me nowadays. I'll never let you go cause I'm going to make a way. Don't leave me like everyone else did, stay and be in my arms forever. Why are you leaving me now? Tell me the reason after all you've done, you've said. You're the one who wants me to stay and now you're leaving me behind all alone. I just don't understand things and I don't understand you. What am I supposed to do? You appeared in my dreams all night and why were you torturing me like this? Will this be your last smile that protecting me all this while? If you're thinking of leaving me behind, please take you soul in my heart too. Don't be too selfish, I'm begging you! And even if another time comes, only you are my everything. All this while, it has always been you, my only one and only you make me smile.

November 1, 2011

Try To Get Me

#I put too high hope so you could understand me but you didn't.

One More Day

I just want one more day with you.

I’m so sad and depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can’t fight

I think of you lying in that bed
And wonder if there is anything I could have said
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still near

I love you more than you know
I just want things to go back to the way they used to be

I couldn't sleep at night because I know that it's over between us.

Got Tagged

I got tagged from Nur Rasyidah Nor Hashim one of my classmates & best friend =)


1. Post this rules.
2. Write 11 things about yourself.
3. Answer the question the tagger set for you.
4. Create 11 new question for the people who you tagged to answer.
5. Choose 11 blogger to tag and link them on the post

  • I'm a very small person but I've got this temper that no one can tell by just looking at my height. Especially when I got my period -.-
  • I'm a very determined person. Well, if I want something I must get that no matter what.
  • I don't like to hear negative things about me (selfish,bossy and etc) Because I'm not. I know what I look like. I know myself. Even my own family keeps saying I'm like that I just ignore them because I'm not.
  • Dancing is my passion. God I love to dance. Why I love music because when music is on that way I got an inspiration and ideas to create a dance moved. I'm good at dancing and the only thing I'm good at.
  • I love Fashion thingy. I love to dress-up. I love clothes, make-ups, shoes (heels) because dress-up shows our characters look like. It makes me more confident than ever and it feels real good to dress-up.
  • I don't like to hear orders from people. It makes me want to get mad and hate someone because they keep ordering me all around.
  • I'm not sombong. Seriously no joke. Well, I don't really no other people and that's how I look like. My face -.-
  • I love to help other people but I'm just a small kid hehehe :D But if I can, I'll try to help them no matter what.
  • I can be sweet, romantic, loving, caring, kind but I can be real mean. Seriously only people very near and closed know how mean I can be.
  • I'm not an easy person. It's hard for me to love,like someone. Once I have my eyes on that person I'll always look up for him. And it's not easy for me to let go that one person. Appreciate that =)
  • I'm not good at pujuk people not that I'm ego I just can't bring myself to pujuk someone and I'm not that type of person who likes to pujuk others. The only and the best I can do is stop repeating my wrongs and ask for forgiveness. I'll try to changed.


1. Dalam berkawan, korang pilih rupa ke atau hati dorang?
I do admit that I used to choose rupa but nowadays human is very unpredictable so I will choose the heart.
2. Perangai buruk apa yang korang tak suka dalam seseorang tu?
Sarcastic human, Bossy people, Annoying species, Backstabbers & Stealer!

3. Kalau boy/girl korang ramai kawan perempuan/lelaki(berlawanan jenis), korang jealous tak? Apa tindakan korang? (kalau takda boy/girl, buat2 macam ada lah)
I've got this freaking problem. I admit I'm a jealous type but I don't really show my jealousy. The only action I took is by having some boys friend (kawan-kawan lelaki senang sikit). If you understand me you can tell that I'm jealous and tried to pay you my jealousy.

4. Kepada girls, korang suka tak pakai make-up? And kepada boys, korang suka tak perempuan make-up?
Absolutely yes. I really do love make-ups. I'm the Princess remember? Hehehehe :D

5. Ciri-ciri yang korang nak ada dalam bakal suami/isteri korang?
Hehehehe favorite question :)
Smart,Kacak bergaya,Same age as I am or one year older,Accept for who I am,Taller than me,I don't prefer a smoker but just don't smoke in front of me or my family,Not a drinker please,Can play guitar maybe,Romantic,Iman kuat so he can lead me,An honest husband,A loyal one,Protective at times,Loving and Caring husband,A husband that loves children,From a good family backgrounds,Respect my family members especially my mummy.That's all I guess pokoknya hehehe semua mesti yang baik-baik nak bawa jumpa mummy senang hehehehe =D

6. Pada usia berapakah korang rasa korang dah patut/akan berkahwin?
My all time favorite number 23 hihihi =D

7. Apa keistimewaan diri korang yang korang rasa orang lain tak mampu buat/tak ada?
My Instinct is very strong.

8. Apa cita-cita korang masa kecik2 dulu dan sekarang?
A lawyer up till now I want to be a lawyer still but God plan something bigger and better for me. I'm going to pursue for Charted Personal Assistant hehehe I've planned everything so far.

9, 10, : syid tak bagi soalan pun -.- skip!

11. Berapa lama masa yang korang ambil untuk jawab soalan nih semua and post entry nie?
One hour maybe? Hahahah didn't count at all.

9. Korang ada BF/GF tak? If ada, story laa sikit pasal diri BF/GF korang.
Hahahahahahaha BF tak main ah. Tunggu I kahwin nanti :D
10. Hobi yang paling tak senonoh korang selalu buat?
Kutuk orang hehehe
11. Kau suka kentut tak? Aku suka sebab lega perut aku baq hang..
Syid please stop it hahahahaha :D