October 13, 2011

Thousands of Regret

I was in pain, you know. I mean I was in pain for a very long time. I don't regret my past, I just regret the time I've waited on the wrong people. I'm really bad at making decisions because I've never once be independent before. And so, being with you was the biggest mistakes I've ever done. Nobody wants to wait forever and I used to tell you many times that " I'll wait for you no matter what it takes and how it goes I'll just wait for you. But I've just realized that we together back are so wrong meaning we can never go back to what we used to be. Everything will just be so wrong and untrue. And one thing am so sure that I am no longer waiting for your comeback because I'm tired of waiting. Even people keep telling me that have faith in myself and miracles does happen at times but I don't want that miracles to happen to me. All I ever did was loving you, trusting you, loyal to you and it is all just a waste. Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet. Yes,I have made mistakes because life didn't come with warning and the mistake is you. There's no starting over. No matter where I go, whatever I do, my past just seems to follow me.Don't hate me for this because all good things must come to an end. Whenever I'm about to be happy again there must be a small pieces that going to destroy the happiness and the reason is you. Everything just got to do with you and why is that I don't know. One thing that I'm sure don't ever promise me when you can never keep your promises because once you break the promise I can never like you. I have so much to say but only one came out which is "REGRET"!

Let the right one in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go

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