October 28, 2011

Perfect Get-Away

It's little short teaser from the Family Get-Away at Langkawi Island. It's a little few late because I'm not feeling very well past few days. So here it goes. More photos from the cam-whore siblings visit our Facebook =)

From Kuala Lumpur -> Alor Setar -> Pandang Besar had our little shopping before heading to Kuala Perlis

Boarding to Langkawi Island from Kuala Perlis with the Ferry -.-

After a very long journey finally arrived at our Hotel

Getting ready for our very first shopping maniac at Idaman Suri

After tired shopping we had our dinner at Sawadee Restaurant near Cenang

Second Day shopping at all Haji Ismail places

Window Shopping and Beach Day at Cenang

After went for morning till evening walk we had our dinner at Malay Restaurant

Cam-whore at the beach before leaving the Hotel

Had Starbucks before ride on the Ferry

Arrived Kuala Perlis had our lunch at Laksa Restaurant

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