October 31, 2011

November ♥

I've missed a lot of news, stories since I was so sick for the past few days. Thank God, am fully recovered now. Up till now I'm still alive and I thanked God for that. I'm happy it's November now. Because past few months was the biggest nightmare for me. I felt like living in a hunted life. Everyday I had a nightmare and it sucks. It really does. I wished and pray hard to God every single day to avoid from those nightmares but it doesn't worked and finally I'm survive till today because of the one month semester break. At least while having my loved ones around my past didn't brag in my happiness. Today's date is 1/11/2011 super cool and I wish God will make it more cheerful and different because I'm ready for a new chapter and it begins now.

" Leave September, open up for November, looking forward for December and waiting for the New Year "

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