October 2, 2011

Don't Forget Me

We loved each other but we are now breaking up. We are in different places but under the same sky but please don't forget me. When the cold wind brushes against my finger tips, I can hear your laughter. The two eyes in which my face was reflected, I miss them and so I cry and cry. My lips have hardened so I couldn't say those words. We used to have this one bond but now we're in our own ways. Even we're miles apart from each other, we're not together anymore and we've got someone we love with us but please just don't forget me. Did you know that someone let you go while hiding the pain deep inside? That someone is me. That someone please love her. One day I wish for your return. In the mean time just please don't forget me.

I wish I could be happy once I'm with him. I wish he could take over your place. I wish our 6 years relationship will last longer until the very end. I wish that I am doing the right thing. I wish you happiness in your life. Stay strong and keep healthy.

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