October 17, 2011


If you were my girlfriend, I could never ignore you, even if you said you hated me and wished I was dead. I'd always pick up the phone for you even at 3 am. And I'd always text you first every single day. I'd send you a message first thing every morning to tell you I love you and make sure you slept good. I'd call you every night and talk to you until you were about to sleep. And I'd even text you when you already asleep just to say I love you just incase you wake up in the middle of the night, and so you never forget how much you mean to me. I'd tell you everyday how perfect you are. I wouldn't let anyone be mean to, or even touch you. I'd do whatever it takes to make sure you feel safe. I'd never give you a reason to be jealous because I'd make sure that you and everyone else knows how much I love you and only you. Keeping you happy would always be my first priority. If you were upset, I'd stay up all night long talking to you to make sure you're okay. If one of my friends had problem with you or made you feel uncomfortable, I'd leave them. I'd try my hardest not to fight with you. I'd never yell at you or hurt you. I'd try to talk things out with you, and if that doesn't work I'd just forget about it. You mean so much more to mean than a stupid little fight. I'd never hurt you, and never do anything that you didn't want to even sexual stuff. I'd tell you the whole time how gorgeous you are and how much I love you. I'd be the luckiest guy ever that got to be by your side for the rest of our lives and get to hug you in my arms until you fell asleep. I just want to make sure you are happy and feel safe and loved with me around you. You're honestly the sweetest and most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in my entire life.

The greatest feeling when an anonymous inbox you this. You know deep inside that if he doesn't loves you, someone else are way in love with you. If he left you and you're about to fall there's one person would come and catch you. You're about to lost one important person in your life but there are about thousand of them still at your back loving you and care for you. I thought I'd have a lot of haters but I was wrong until this was in my inbox. Actually I have more lovers than haters. I'm lucky to have those lovers all around me. I can feel the loved. Thanks family, friends and you for sure

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