October 8, 2011

360 Degrees


What's with my 360 Degrees?

Well, hehehehe I'm back! I'm officially back! The old me already back on track!

I've missed so many things, fun and joy because of my sad moments that affect me.


I'm all okay now. "That" 360 Degrees did turn me all over again.

Well, I did break with him like so many times but maybe God wants me to be with him for the rest of our lives? Or for the next few years? Who knows,true?

About destiny and fate I can't really tell you but all I know that no matter how hard people try to get into us we still trust and keep our faith high.

The incredible feelings between us was just too perfect and the bond that we had was just too sweet.

I know what I want, who I want to be with and who can really turn me 360 Degrees and that's ''Him"!

Baby, thanks for being so nice towards me.
Baby, thanks for still wanting me even I did hurt you many times.
Baby, thanks for liking me a lot like more than anybody else did.
Baby, thanks for still waiting for me even I've hurt you before by trying to hang on someone else.
Baby, thanks for taking a good care of me and I know you really care for me or else you wouldn't ask for me to come back.
Baby, thanks for being there whenever I need someone to talk to.
Baby, thanks for making me laughing all the time.
Baby, thanks for coming back into my life.
Baby, thanks for loving me and I will be loving you too more than you do.

You've done a lot for my sake, my happiness and I just missed our moment together from the beginning. Next time make sure you prepare your voice and sing me that song. So sweet of you trying to please me =)

I love you all seconds.
I miss you all minutes.
I need you all the times.
I want you for my entire life just same as you.

Once I get my eyes on you meaning you'll be the only guy that I will looked for and let's forget about the Ex! They're not important now. As for me I don't feel like thinking about it or talking about it because as for me, I don't have any and all my life is just you my one and only.

I Love You So Much, sayang!

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