September 28, 2011

You're My Destiny


Since today is aready 1:54 AM so I would like to talk about final exams. Tomorrow will be the very last paper for the final. I'm so glad and excited to go home (KUALA LUMPUR). I miss home,family and my pretty little baby(bed) hehehe =)

But at the same time, am so sad because things have to end like right here, right now, at this moment. I'm sorry but you guys need to let it go. I'll be saying goodbye to my dearest best friends here in two months, I guess?


Omg! I just love this Arifah so much. Like you can never find any other like her at other places. Well, she's not the first who I met and greeted but she's the very best friend of mine. I don't think I can lose her now and forever. Because out of my best friends from high school she's pretty different from them. It's a very huge different between Arifah and my high school best friends. But it does not matters now. We fought every single day about the very little tiny things but that makes we both become closer day by day. She's hell damn unique and supper duper cool. I will be missing her a lot. Since I call her with a nickname " mok" so now I would like to say that " I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOK " *kawan sampai mati okay? =) muuuaahh!


This kid! Oh GOD! She is so "rajin" and very "caring". She is just like a mother for me and Arifah. She took care of us just like a real mummy! I was given a blessed by having her in my life. She taught me about how to be independent and many more. None of my friends out there can really taught me about life like what she did. That's why she is irreplaceable ever. I love you baby!


Okay! This boy, I have a lot to story about. Syamim came in a bit late and when he's in I wasn't in the class. I was at my home town at that moment. So when I first hang out with him at the cafe' near our college I felt like "Oh God! This dude gila kerek" you know why I call him "kerek" because he talked to me using "kau" "aku" word. Well, I don't really like to talk with other people or my friends using that word. Like seriously AWKWARD! Okay whatever. Then after day by day he is now comfortable talked to me using my style hehehe that's my bobboy! So we become closer like omg sumpah bff sampai bila-bila! Everywhere I go there must be him standing near me. Bodyguard okay! Joke boy =) We fool around like nobody else around us. Seriously you can never imagine how we can still act cool even some said that we've got something but Nuhh! Kita kawan dunia akhirat okay! We both shared everything together. Not even a very piece of tiny shit akan tertinggal. See how amazing this friendship bond. Sometimes memang padanlah orang cakap we've got something because our friendship is very unpredictable. He can never been replaced by any other human being out there because like I said our friendship is very unique and different. It's unpredictable. And I've got this very pretty,cute and special name for hime "bobboy" Only people around us know the reason of the "bobboy" thingy.Hehehehe boy even we're like miles apart or might be hours and hours apart you're my bestest friend ever! I've promised you that I will never forget you,okay? *sayangyousampaimati


Okay! At first this guy named,Ehsan is a very weird guy? He's not weird just that we can never make a difference whether he's mad or happy. He's a guy with the sweetest smile on his face. That's why his name is Ehsan. Memang Ehsan betul :) So at first, I get annoyed with him cause he never stops smilling. *macamnaklempanglaju-lajupunadajuga but after days I've know a little few things about him sumpah cakap *gilalawaksehmamatni We've now become closer every single day. Like we both understands each other very out of well. And we've come from the same town *KUALA LUMPUR ehem ehem hehehe =D This guy oh my he's an irreplaceable guy in my world! Mark my word its my world! My world! He's a very nice,sweet,caring,loving and annoying guy ever met. Hehehe sorry Ehsan but you should know why I get annoyed with you clue *youtipui =) Up till now, I don't even know how I can leave this Ehsan in this world without me watching him. Without me so our world has gone =( I'm scared of not having him as my bestest friend and boyfriend for the rest of my life hehe different word with same the meaning kot? Something like that la. Okay I want to keep it to myself about you hehehe jealous ah nanti other people tahu a little few things about you and replace me. You dah janji ah Ehsan no one can ever replace me as your Princess Dora muahahaha. REMEMBER YOUR PROMISE EHSAN! *sayangyoulebihkawanduniaakhiratsapaibila-bilasayangyouje mmuuuaahh! =) Now I feel like crying Ehsannn!

Hmmm the reasone why I wrote about these four little gilaks friends is because they're an irreplaceable and their price can never be counted at any place I go. *sukahatijebelasahayat I'll be missing you guys a lot weh. I wish I'm a Genie so I could take you guys with me forever. I'll never forget each of your good deeds and sacrifices. Let's not forget each other and keep in touch okay?

p/s: miss me? go and buy patung dora =) sleep with it!

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