September 9, 2011

Life's Too Short

What's with that?

So here it goes. I don't really know what I feel and what to feel. I just don't want to feel anything right now. This feelings is just too sucks.

What's going on with me?

Thought I'd never fall in love again but, then there was you.
I've met a guy that makes my heart beat even faster than it supposed to be and gave me that real feeling when he was there with me.

What I like about him?

I don't really know what I see in him but all I ever wanted was his faith on me.
He's funny. He's cool. He's nice. He's caring. He's loving. He's adorable. He's sweet. He's awesome. He's protective. He's childish. He's him. And he's a guy that used to be in my life.

As a conclusion?

Life's too short people and we need to live it happily. It's not really a big thing that we became like this because all I know I've open a new book for the new chapter of my life =)
I've let go everything, my hopes, my dreams, my wishes and my lives. Everything is just Impossible.

I'm over you. Letting you go is the best solution.

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