September 23, 2011

Best Friend Forever

I’m lazy as an elephant. I’m stubborn as hell. I also talk sarcastically but my two darlings can never get bored and tired with me. That is what one best friend did. They even taught me about life and it makes me feel sad to not have them by my side because wherever you go, there would be 100% you can never find someone like them.I don’t talk bullshit here as it’s the fact. Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart. They're someone that I can trust with my life who has seen the best and worst of me and will be there whenever I need someone to talk to. There is a balance in a relationship between give and take. I feel so in sync with them that I can comfortably share my innermost feelings and thoughts.

Nur Arifah Kayisah & Nur Syairah = Never been replaced ♥

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