August 22, 2011

I'll Keep You Fresh In My Mind


I might not know how to respect you, I might not be able to treat you the way you should be treated, I might not know how to control my anger when I am mad, I might not know how to trust you, I might not know how to used a proper languages. But love, I am pretty sure that there would be none for the guys out there that I can do exactly I did and feel right now. I will keep trying to give you the best as you deserve. I miss you and I'm sorry for using improper words. Ich liebe Dich, Ti amo tantissimo, Te quiero, Jag älskar dig, Je t'aime, Te sakam, Naan unnai kadalikiren, Tá grá agam duit, Szeretlek, Minä rakastan sinua, Miluji tě, Ik hou van jou, Mai tumse pyar karathi hun, Saranghae, Aishiteru, Ko kicinio, Volim te, Aku cinta kamu, I love you. Those words keep playing in my mind.

I love you = 3 second to say + 3 minutes to explain + 3 days to appreciate + 3 terms to produce it + a lifetime to prove it. I miss you baby and I love you so much. I really do sayang.

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