July 15, 2011

Your Doll

All about him ♥ Muhammad Irsyad Izzuddin b. Muhamed Sharif ♥
29/06/2011 [Thursday] 11:55pm was my historic day in my life.
We love to fight,perhaps,we also did hate each other.
A few months later,everything changed overnight without us realizing it.
All I can say is God Almighty.
Remember "Do not hate too much perhaps, do not love too much"
I'm not good with expressing feeling through sentences so here it goes.

"Give it to me love baby,I love you.
Give it to me love baby,I need you.
Give it to me love baby,I want you.
That's all I wish for,I want you to hold me in your arms forever.
My heart aches whenever I think of you,
My lips smiled whenever I saw you,
My eyes sparkled whenever you called,
I felt a shock whenever I touched your hands,
I feel like I've become a dreamer.
When we fight,my eyes filled with tears,
I may be a fool,but don't leave me.
There's only one person I miss to see,the only one I want to hold,
Please embrace me,please talk to me,as it is,like I do."

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