April 21, 2011

The Hatred & Anger

I think I need to just express everything here because obviously people will listen to my stories but they will never understand me.

There are a few things about me that probably no one knows.
I admit that sometimes I never think and I also do not know why I can not control my emotions.

I'm a girl with full of revenge and so,stop bugging me when I don't start it first.
I can be nice but at the same time I can be worst than how people treat me or others.

Well,I don't find it hurts at all.It has something to do with someone's pride and so I don't really adore that kind of people.
I've met with many kinds of human,so from there I've learn about how evil and rude they can be.
I'm just sick and tired with you people who will never stop bugging me.

I don't show to people how I take revenge on others because that's not how profesional did.
As for me,I keep it inside me heart and when there's one time that I could not take it any longer and you should just call yourself a dead meat.
And of course I won't stop cursing and hating you.

I've set up my mind not to forgive and forget easily.Because you people will never sincere with it.
Once I started to hate you,there'd be no turning back in my dictionary.

When this "Never mind" came from my mouth meaning I don't really mean it.
But when this "It's okay.Seriously" came from my mouth I really mean it.

I thought about forgiving you,but I want revenge,I want what's mine and I've got power to bring you down,you know I will stop at nothing and so I promise that you'll never rest easy again.

*This entry may be kinda hurtful or even rude but don't worry this got nothing to do with you.If you feel sick with this blog get lost!


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