April 7, 2011


Part Of My Soul Go Away.

It Was All Wonderful Back Then But Ended Up With Hurting.

You Play My Heart With You Realize It That You're Leaving Me.

It's True That I Loved You But It Shouldn't Be Like This.

You're Betraying My Heart And You Also Deceived Me.

You Say You Never Happy With Me That Came Out From Your Mouth.

You Destroy Everything That We Build And You Just Throw It Into The Trash.

You Betrayed Me, You're Not Being Faithful, You Ripped My Heart One By One.

It's True That I Used To Loved You But One Thing For Sure You Need To Know;

" I'm strong enough to walk away,but broken enough to look back."

p/s:This got nothing to do with me seriously.I just want to fill up something.

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