April 18, 2011

Because I'm A Girl

I just can't understand the ways of all the men and their mistakes.
You give her all your heart and then you rip it all away.
You told her how much you loved her and how the love was meant to be.
And so she believed in you and she thought that you would set her free.
You should have just told her the truth that she wasn't the girl for you.
Still,she didn't have a clue and so her heart depended on you.
Although she will say she hate you now.
Though she will shout and curse you out.
She will always have love for you.
Because she is a girl.

Never again she will be fooled.
To give you all when nothing's true.
She won't be played again but she will fall in love again.
You took advantage of her willingness to do anything for love.
And now she's the only one in pain.
Will you please take it all away.
Never thought born being a girl.
How can she fall in love with you and be burned.
And now she will build a wall to never get torn again.

"I promise not to fall in love again.
I promise not to fall in love with any man.
I promise not to fall for their sweetness.
I promise not to fall for their games.
I promise to take revenge on them.
I promise all this Because I'm A Girl. "

I'm Not An Easy Woman Because I'm A Girl.Peace!

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