April 15, 2011

The Ambition

So,I've come up with something today but it's not that interesting really.
When I was a little kid,I have pretty much ambition.Like who would not,right?

So,when I was little,I love to play with dolls.
So,I guess that's the reason why I love kids.Until some call me obsessed with kids.
Actually,I'm not obsessed I just think that they're so adorable.
And especially when I met the most cutest baby.Oh GOD,just take your babies away from me.I just want to be a loving and caring mother in future.
See how cute they can be.Aish!

And also,I do think from there I really want to get married when I turn 23.BAHAHAHA
Well,it was a joke la people.How come la and it's not going to happen after all.
I just want to dream about my future husband and how will my marriage look like.
I also want to be a loving and caring wife in future.
I want to serve food for my husband.
Even I don't really know how to cook and all but I can learn just for my husband.
HAHAHAHA :D sorry mommy!
Can't talk about marriage now later mommy will get mad.
And people will think that I'm so gatal *wink *wink =D

I would love to be a superstar!Bahahahahaha =D
Me? A superstar? For real?
It was just a dream seriously.I love to sing but too bad my voice sucks.
I just love to sing and dance at the same time.
I do dream of one day I want to try out for something that related to this.
And I also love to dance but I don't like people to teach me the steps.
I don't like orders from other people.I just can't accept it.Hahaha

This is totally funny but it's the fact.I once want to be a doctor.
Like we were kids back then.And so I don't really know any other ambition other than a doctor.
So,when the teachers asked me what I want to be the answer would be "A DOCTOR".
How can I be a doctor when I,myself scared with needles.Ridiculous me!

And now when I get older and older and it's time to think of the future.
I want to be a lawyer.But it's too hard for me because too many to memorize later.
And I really hate that facts.So I guess I'm giving up this ambition.

And here it comes.So for now I'll just pray to GOD for HIS guidance.
I'm pretty sure HE already plan something much more better for me in future.
We can only plan but GOD has determined everything.
And for sure I want to live happily with my current family and future family.
Hehehehe =D


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