April 21, 2011

The Hatred & Anger

I think I need to just express everything here because obviously people will listen to my stories but they will never understand me.

There are a few things about me that probably no one knows.
I admit that sometimes I never think and I also do not know why I can not control my emotions.

I'm a girl with full of revenge and so,stop bugging me when I don't start it first.
I can be nice but at the same time I can be worst than how people treat me or others.

Well,I don't find it hurts at all.It has something to do with someone's pride and so I don't really adore that kind of people.
I've met with many kinds of human,so from there I've learn about how evil and rude they can be.
I'm just sick and tired with you people who will never stop bugging me.

I don't show to people how I take revenge on others because that's not how profesional did.
As for me,I keep it inside me heart and when there's one time that I could not take it any longer and you should just call yourself a dead meat.
And of course I won't stop cursing and hating you.

I've set up my mind not to forgive and forget easily.Because you people will never sincere with it.
Once I started to hate you,there'd be no turning back in my dictionary.

When this "Never mind" came from my mouth meaning I don't really mean it.
But when this "It's okay.Seriously" came from my mouth I really mean it.

I thought about forgiving you,but I want revenge,I want what's mine and I've got power to bring you down,you know I will stop at nothing and so I promise that you'll never rest easy again.

*This entry may be kinda hurtful or even rude but don't worry this got nothing to do with you.If you feel sick with this blog get lost!


April 18, 2011

Because I'm A Girl

I just can't understand the ways of all the men and their mistakes.
You give her all your heart and then you rip it all away.
You told her how much you loved her and how the love was meant to be.
And so she believed in you and she thought that you would set her free.
You should have just told her the truth that she wasn't the girl for you.
Still,she didn't have a clue and so her heart depended on you.
Although she will say she hate you now.
Though she will shout and curse you out.
She will always have love for you.
Because she is a girl.

Never again she will be fooled.
To give you all when nothing's true.
She won't be played again but she will fall in love again.
You took advantage of her willingness to do anything for love.
And now she's the only one in pain.
Will you please take it all away.
Never thought born being a girl.
How can she fall in love with you and be burned.
And now she will build a wall to never get torn again.

"I promise not to fall in love again.
I promise not to fall in love with any man.
I promise not to fall for their sweetness.
I promise not to fall for their games.
I promise to take revenge on them.
I promise all this Because I'm A Girl. "

I'm Not An Easy Woman Because I'm A Girl.Peace!

April 15, 2011

The Ambition

So,I've come up with something today but it's not that interesting really.
When I was a little kid,I have pretty much ambition.Like who would not,right?

So,when I was little,I love to play with dolls.
So,I guess that's the reason why I love kids.Until some call me obsessed with kids.
Actually,I'm not obsessed I just think that they're so adorable.
And especially when I met the most cutest baby.Oh GOD,just take your babies away from me.I just want to be a loving and caring mother in future.
See how cute they can be.Aish!

And also,I do think from there I really want to get married when I turn 23.BAHAHAHA
Well,it was a joke la people.How come la and it's not going to happen after all.
I just want to dream about my future husband and how will my marriage look like.
I also want to be a loving and caring wife in future.
I want to serve food for my husband.
Even I don't really know how to cook and all but I can learn just for my husband.
HAHAHAHA :D sorry mommy!
Can't talk about marriage now later mommy will get mad.
And people will think that I'm so gatal *wink *wink =D

I would love to be a superstar!Bahahahahaha =D
Me? A superstar? For real?
It was just a dream seriously.I love to sing but too bad my voice sucks.
I just love to sing and dance at the same time.
I do dream of one day I want to try out for something that related to this.
And I also love to dance but I don't like people to teach me the steps.
I don't like orders from other people.I just can't accept it.Hahaha

This is totally funny but it's the fact.I once want to be a doctor.
Like we were kids back then.And so I don't really know any other ambition other than a doctor.
So,when the teachers asked me what I want to be the answer would be "A DOCTOR".
How can I be a doctor when I,myself scared with needles.Ridiculous me!

And now when I get older and older and it's time to think of the future.
I want to be a lawyer.But it's too hard for me because too many to memorize later.
And I really hate that facts.So I guess I'm giving up this ambition.

And here it comes.So for now I'll just pray to GOD for HIS guidance.
I'm pretty sure HE already plan something much more better for me in future.
We can only plan but GOD has determined everything.
And for sure I want to live happily with my current family and future family.
Hehehehe =D


April 13, 2011


So,it took me days to think of ideas to start blogging again.
What's with ARIES?
Is it the name of my lover? *WRONG(I don't have one)
Is it the name of my pet? *WRONG(I don't adore pets)
Okay let's hurry it is actually my Zodiac Sign.I was born on March 30th 1993.
I would like to share with you all the meanings behind my zodiac.

#Aries can turn to be quite childish, they will fight back with their aggressive nature.

#Aries is a procrastinator at times.

Make no mistake, an #Aries person will be on of the first to risk their life to save yours.

#Aries are not romantic. They are hot, dominate lovers.

#Aries are usually arrogant, adventurous, independent, competitive, impulsive, dynamic, and courageous.

#Aries makes good matches in relationships with #Gemini, #Leo, #Libra and #Scorpio.

In order to have happy ending, #Aries woman needs to feel appreciated and loved.

#Aries are enthusiastic about their goals and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

#Aries: Stroking their hair and rubbing their scalp will make them feel relaxed and heighten their sensations.

#Aries love the challenge and the stimulation of good, intelligent conversation.

#Aries are calm and intelligent and their tendencies are more mellowed unless activated.

#Aries are good friends, they always look out for their friends with caring and generosity.

However, if success is not immediate, #Aries tend to lose interest and give up easily.

Expect it to be physical, quick and rough, #Aries like to dominate and have the upper position.

Independence is key to #Aries, they do not like to take orders from others and enjoy getting their way.

#Aries are fantastic to have around because they tend to add life and soul to any party.

#Aries seek out companions who can provide the experience they lack.

The #Aries person has all the mental tools needed to make their mark on the world.

An #Aries reactions are so spontaneous that they have little opportunity to exert any conscious control over them.

#Aries: Best location for success is any large city.

#Aries can get childish or moody should they be given orders that they do not like.

#Aries personalities are independent.

#Aries can be steadfastly loyal to someone - right until they decide they want to change direction.

#Aries prefer a classy mate to make them feel proud. Aries have a strong ego regarding status.

#Aries are born leaders and strive to succeed.

Well,that's how you all can learn a little bit about myself.
So,why don't you all share a little bit about your Zodiac meanings.
And if you all have some more to add up about ARIES or about me do comment!
Thank you!


April 7, 2011


Part Of My Soul Go Away.

It Was All Wonderful Back Then But Ended Up With Hurting.

You Play My Heart With You Realize It That You're Leaving Me.

It's True That I Loved You But It Shouldn't Be Like This.

You're Betraying My Heart And You Also Deceived Me.

You Say You Never Happy With Me That Came Out From Your Mouth.

You Destroy Everything That We Build And You Just Throw It Into The Trash.

You Betrayed Me, You're Not Being Faithful, You Ripped My Heart One By One.

It's True That I Used To Loved You But One Thing For Sure You Need To Know;

" I'm strong enough to walk away,but broken enough to look back."

p/s:This got nothing to do with me seriously.I just want to fill up something.