March 28, 2011


So,I don't really remember when exactly I asked this kind of question at my mother.But I guess two years ago or last year?Something like that la.This is the most stupid question ever came out from my mouth.

Saya: Ma,if kita dekat Kedah sama ke bulan dengan dekat Kl?
Mama: Ya allah hang ni awat..Haa laa!(versi orang Kedah cakap)

Although,I took Geography subjects in school I do not know why I can not think about it before asking.And one thing we have to do which is lie to our only little brother so he did not know the truth.This question was asked by my brother when he was young.And I guess he was just curios about it that's why he asked!

Adry: Ma,baby keluar ikut mana?
Mama: Baby keluar ikut bonfottotfot(butt)
Adry: ohh..kiteorg keluar ikut situ la?
Mama: Hmm yes..Awat?(versi kedah kenapa)
Adry: hmm tak saje tanya..

I know right! I'm also not sure why mother did not tell him the truth.Maybe he was so young back then.And now I'm pretty sure he already knows the truth.Sometimes,we do not expect anything to be questioned by us or others.BAHAHHAHA =D

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