March 25, 2011

First Project

Hey bloggers!

Well,obviously I've been busy lately.The one week holiday I went back to my Village at Alor Star,Kedah. Yeah.Very far far away,right?

Oh and I would like to thank all who gave me support and sweet messages about my result. Well,it didn't turn out to be that good but at least I got A's and not fail at all.And for that Alhamdulillah,I am so grateful about it.And I do think that I still can do course that I really want to.Just pray hard for it.

Back to the story,people! I'm working on my very first project.I'm so excited about it.
Well,it is actually for my sister and her boyfriend.Sweet kan I? Kan? Kan? hihihi =D
That's why I tweet that I can be creative too =) Just wait and see okay!

To be continued =)

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