February 9, 2011

Sweet Promises

I dedicate this entry to you,you and you..

First,you say I was number one on your list

Later,I was the first person you think after getting out of bed

Next,you say you want to make me your everything

Then,you say I was like the angle sent from heaven to complete your life of happiness

And you even say a moment without me you still miss me like crazy

"The frozen heart reminds me of your sweet promises.I tossed fantasy,seek caress from your pure love.How cruelly you were back then."

Years Later,

I have thought deeply everything about it. That I promise to Fight For This Love.


You have taught me everything about man. I,myself, even believe that men are all the same.I was not able to changed my mind because of you. It was all because of you. You taught me everything that I don't want to think of.May God Bless you always.

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