January 29, 2011

Malicious Intent

Aku tak faham.. Sangat tak faham..

I myself was not so perfect,why should they envy my life?

Whether it was because I was so happy with my loved ones surrounded by?


Is it because I have all the other teenagers desired but they can not have it even though they may?

There are many things that might be able to answer my questions, but what is the answer?

What I dream is to live in peace with my loved ones without interference!


Help me to realize my dream,Since the family is the medicine to my body and soul.

Throw away a sense of envy and jealousy as it is the desire to bring bad luck.

Sunnah of the Prophet also said that envy is the desire of human characteristics that are not favored by GOD!

No offense because there is no connection between the living or the dead.


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