January 25, 2011

2011 Birthday Bash

Ohh! Sudah berabad tidak blogging..

So, today I will start with the activities we did for this month.

This month is the birthday month for many relatives and my sister to celebrate birthdays for the month of January.

Starting with : Abang Jan (4.1.2011)
: Ammar Danial (8.1.2011)~ [NEW BORN BABY]
: Ct Wirda (9.1.2011)
: Nida Amila (17.1.2011)

Next year will increase another that is Azam & Ika's baby named Ammar Danial. SO CUTE.

On the last Saturday our family was celebrating the anniversary of Nida and Ct at FullHouse Giza Damansara. It was a celebration of the birthday of a very happening.
I had so much fun,we all had. And of course there's a lot of pictures we took together as a group of family members.So here is some our getis-getis moment together forever :')

The Ladies in Red

The Wonder Girls

Kegedikkan Terselah

The Best Shot

Goodbye FullHouse and Hello..

..karaoke aka let's karoks gegurls..

We laughed with lots of love from lots of people..


..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

to add, syapikah on 20/jan hihi

anniversary nida n ct? bunyi mcm kami kahwin dua saja..hahahaha

thiya said...

oh lupaa...terlalu banyakk..

korang kan lesbian..okay ah..hahaa