November 15, 2010

In A Very Good Way

Anonymous: Why are you so immature?

Anonymous: Why you like to call people who work after SPM "tak de life"?
(Does it bother you?)

Anonymous: Do you think you're pretty?
(Is this a joke or something?)

Anonymous: What inspired you the most?
(Whenever I read quotes?)

Anonymous: DO you know you're sucks at everything?

Anonymous: Do you think you brilliant?
(Seriously is this a joke?)

Anonymous: What makes you laughed?

Anonymous: What do you think of SLUTS?
(They got no life and nothing better to do)

Anonymous: DO you go clubbing?
(Do I look like one,no?)

Anonymous: What is your current mood?
(Happy and Annoying sometimes)

Anonymous: Do you live a good life?

Anonymous: Do you think you're so good so you can call other people BITCH,SLUT n all?
(No,I don't think so!)

Anonymous: What are you going to do after SPM is over?
(It is over now.Doing nothing,I guess?)

Anonymous: And why are you not working?
(And why were you so busybody?)


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