June 2, 2010

Stop Copying People!

I dedicate this to you and you and you and you people who loves to copy me oe my sisters or even my family.Don't you have anything better to do?What?Was it your freaking hobby to copying people?Get a freaking like you whore.Mark my word!! I guess me and my sisters are way better than you are thats the reason why you just love to copy copy us,true?Oh,come on,you whore!You don't even know that artist or that person.So,why must you suddenly changed everything after I did it?Why?Why in the world it has to be me or my sissy?Please,women?Get a life.Please really am begging you two.Thats enough.After one then one.WTFF?Before this you dont even talk about it with me when I'm like really into it and suddenly you really want to be into it.Why?Why?I really hope you know who you are.Please la.I,we all know that we're good enough for person like you to copy us.Like watafak?Swear to GOD,you have to get a fucking like,whore! Or YES! you are WANNABE!!!! That's you.Thanks so much for liking everything me and my sisters loves or do.How sweet? Fuck You,whore.

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